• I'm trying to upload a block of code to an Espruino (it's my Espruino Board clone, but it's just a clone of the official Espruino with the D-spec part, so this should happen with normal Espruino board as well). Using the IDE, connected via USB - nothing special.

    If I upload my code with No Minification, it uploads fine.

    If I use the Closure Compiler, it uploads fine.

    If I upload my code with Esprima minification, I get a memory error immediately on uploading it, and not all the code gets saved.

    Is there any fix or workaround for this? Something that needs to be fixed in the IDE?
    My guess is that it's rolling multiple commands (maybe all of them?) into one line, resulting in the Espruino getting this huge blob of code that it can't handle in one "bite"?

    Espruino Web IDE version showing as 0.70.6.


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