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  • During my test for this LED board, I tested a driver using setPixel in javascript.
    At the end it turns out, that this is faster than a converting step (see above)
    And it does not waste more memory.
    Even being faster than expected, I would like to add setPixel for LED Panels in C. These would be only a few lines, but I've no idea, where and how to add.

    me.setPixel = function(x,y,col){
        var adr = ((y & 0xf) << 6) + x; 
        if(y>15) ledBuf[adr] = (ledBuf[adr] & 0xf8) + col;
        else ledBuf[adr] = (ledBuf[adr] & 0xc7) + (col<<3);

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