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  • May I ask what the thought is, not using SPI? Are we still attempting to solve why is the first Neo green here?

    Yes, I am trying to solve this issue and another one at the same time: the second line of Neopixels is connected to a pin with no hardware SPI on it. Running a data line from the end of one line of LEDs to the beginning of another one feels terrible. This is why I am trying to workaround hardware SPI usage.

    What we've got now: The LEDs are not damaged, even the first one (which is always green when controlled by Espruino). When I poke a wire from Arduino to Neopixel's data line everything works perfectly. But Arduino is 5v.

    @Gordon, could you please tell me where can I find the code for the F405? I couldn't find it in Espruino sources. Is it outside of Neopixel lib or even deprecated?


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