• Hi there :)

    nice work !

    For the rumble & LEDs, this could be really cool since we could update onboard stuff to reflect that ;)

    For the "more than one controller connect" / Xbox co-pilot feature, it's also pretty cool ( I actually didn't know Microsoft offered such functionality ).

    I didn't took the time to test the PJRC Joystick/gamepad example, only dogged through it among many other files to get an overview of how things were implemented ( I was planning to mod MSF-XINPUT to not auto-release stuff & press stuff received over serial as latest test using a teensy & the xbox360 part of things )

    If mapping it all that's needed to get rid of the flakiness of the PS4 controller, I'd be happy to Digg that part when having time to doing so :)

    On the controller auth part, I honestly am still way too weak to produce it by myself, but I plan to continue digging the USB Host stack on the smt32 as well as figuring out how to handle that kind of event ( I guess the author of MSF-XINPUT may know or have some hints, since this boils down to knowing when a "led event" is received for the first time ( providing visual feedback of connection & on which player number is assigned to which controller ) & passing stuff through a different pipe when receiving some from the host console )

    If you say so, I guess I'll then hold on to it for later ..

    For the usefulness of an adaptive controller ( Teensy or Espruino based ) for Windows/Linux/Steam/Mac, I totally agree, and I guess this will be the first version released ( able to connect over bluetooth or usb as HID since Windows/Linux/Mac need no drivers whatsoever & Steam surely can use HID-compliant devices )

    On the way assistive tech devices works, I'll have to investigate too, and was indeed planning for such implementation ( the joystick connected to the sides of the adaptive controller will get 4 lines though, +V, X, Y & Gnd )

    Last but not least, I'd be happy to fiddle with your code if you were to drop by some zip file ;)


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