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  • Sun 2018.11.18

    'I don't think SPI is the only way to run Neopixels'

    May I ask what the thought is, not using SPI? Are we still attempting to solve the why is the first Neo green here?

    ' or it is a too low-level task?'

    @George, honestly I'm not sure. I thought I read a post on how to do just that many months ago, but I've not been able to re-locate it. Was hoping to read over and provide some insight.

    Have confirmed that function digitalPulse(pin, value, time) is for millisecond pulses though.

    I'm wondering if 'inlineC' could be used for the speed part, but I'm not familiar enough with the 'C' libs at GitHub. This might be a place to poke around and parent folders, while waiting for a reply.­b/master/libs/neopixel/jswrap_neopixel.c­

    'at 4x more speed'

    Guessing here, would changing some of the SPI setup params solve the speed issue perhaps?­I_setup


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