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  • @George, amazing... about 6 months ago I looked thru options to try a nixie clock - driven with an Espruino and port expander / shift register (and of course, 'high'-voltage drivers) ... but these original nixies as well as the red bubble LED displays are disappearing like extinct species... About the bubble displays I have posted and someone else actually is building this watch w/ a bank of four of these red bubble displays.

    On the Web I found a site about a place that produces new nixie tubes of the type you got... and not just nixies, but also regular ones... just not affordable for people like me. Getting a good stash yourself was a smart move...

    Looking forward to see your project come to completion...

    ...the fix @MaBe posted is really interesting, but not suitable in my case.

    May be it could be: just get an additional RGB LED and place it 'in front' of the one you have to have working (I see one under and between each of the nixies).

    Thank you for the great pictures.


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