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  • @George, I did some more adjustments... and added details. Yes, it is quite a finicky thing... but when you solder R83 and R2X upright with only at one end onto the pads of R83, T1 also upright with Collector and Emitter straddling Q1's Basis and Emitter, and finally connect with a thin strand from a stranded wire what has to be connected, it could work... but as said: it is really finicky. Since you have not a free chain of RGB LEDs, you unfortunately cannot sacrifice one... otherwise, @MaBe's cool suggestion could be the 'perfect' solution (...ah fix...(:/...

    Btw, where did you get the nixie thing from, and what tubes are you using?

  • @allObjects, yeah, the fix @MaBe posted is really interesting, but not suitable in my case.

    I am using IN-18 tubes made in USSR. I was lucky enough to find them on some weird site (like craigslist but Russian). They are not that common, but still possible to find. They were sold for 25$ each, so I bought all the lamps that guy had! My treasure. This box was sealed in 1981.


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