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  • There's a huge amount of overlap between different nRF52 boards - so that's really not a big issue. However I do still have to support older SDKs for nRF51 and also other customers that use older SDKs on their devices. Forking really wouldn't help - it'd just give me even more to maintain.

    As I mentioned above it's not some magic fix for issues with transmission range. If you put SDK15 on a Puck it'll behave exactly like the current SDK12 version as far as I know... So the change in SDK is kind of useless on its own - there's even more work to do to add APIs to change advertising style/etc.

    There are still BLE 4.2 features like increased MTU size that would be more use to everyone and which IMO should probably take priority.

    There's actually been low demand for it too. I mean, there's basically only you that commented on this thread in 2 years, and as far as I understand it you're not even using Puck.js but have your own hardware that you run the Espruino firmware on?

    If you do have your own hardware, I can do consultancy work for you to get SDK15 working though.


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