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  • I'm looking into it - probably not for a new Puck, but for some other USB-connected board in the future.

    The issue is retargeting Espruino to work with a new Nordic SDK version as I'd said, since Nordic randomly change things and it's a nightmare trying to move SDKs. In the few months since your last question, Nordic released SDK15 with even more changes in it, so it's a moving target!

    One other thing that stops me is wireless firmware updates are painful since the Softdevice gets changed as well. It'll be a support nightmare as people update the softdevice and then find it hard to move back to the old one if they want to try out an earlier version.

    You can build Espruino for SDK15 now, and that should allow the use of Bluetooth 5 features even in the Puck (although flashing is tricky as the bootloader doesn't build yet), but it's not magic.

    You won't suddenly get increased range unless you explicitly enable Bluetooth 5 advertising though, and then your device will probably be undetectable by Bluetooth 4.2 radios.

    Did you try any of the other things I suggested in the post above? just having a Bluetooth receiver with a decent aerial will massively increase range.

  • Hi @Gordon,

    Does the Nordic SDK is a moving target in general or it becomes a moving target as you are trying to support multiple devices with single firmware ? As there is no backward compatibility in technologies as is bluetooth, added with the complexity of supporting multiple devices, are is your case, don't you think that forking the firmware for each, or required, device is the only solution to adopt most up-to-date technologies for the concrete device ?

    I haven't tested your last proposal but hopefully will get back with some results soon.


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