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  • Thr 2018.11.08

    @Wilberforce, I'm going to side with you on this, start with the board type.

    But, isn't it as simple as in Line 1 setup?

    SPI3.setup({ mosi:B5, miso:C11, sck:C10 });

    When I played with Espruino Original, Pico and Wifi, for hardware SPI, wasn't the SPI requirement that all pins had to stay with the same SPI designation?

    and, when one checks the board pinouts, @Gordon did a fantastic job on establishing a firm naming convention, and keeping it consistent. e.g. A pins with SPIn for instance

    Unless the non-Espruino boards have a different labeling requirement, seems to be a good place to start.

    @MaksR please post the board type and verify with the online docs about SPI pin designation.

    If that doesn't solve the issue would you please post some output as in the paths tried, as @allObjects pointed out. It is extremely difficult for those willing to expend their valuable time to assist without some basic foundation to work with.

    'help with the Websocket security client example'

    Were you working from an online snippet perhaps and would you please post that link?

    'how to use WSS correctly?'

    Are you asking if this is the correct syntax to set up a WebSocket, perhaps?


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