• Do you have an example of how you used this in JS? Like your P3 driver code?

    As far as I can see this doesn't add anything that you couldn't do with shiftOut (http://www.espruino.com/Reference#l__glo­bal_shiftOut) in fact it actually does less stuff?

    Couldn't we just work on making shiftOut faster, even if that was special-casing it for ESP32 when sending 8 bits at a time? I believe we may already special-case for STM32.

    Basically I'm now at the point where I'm having to pull features OUT of the Original Espruino board in order to do new releases, so I don't want to have to remove features in order to add things that don't actually add any new functionality.

    I know you think that parsing the 8 pins each time would slow the call down, but if they're pre-bound with bind it shouldn't be that much different at all. I know it's a bit fiddly, but nothing stops you making a JS class that implements BytePort - and then people can pull it in if they need, rather than it taking up space on all boards.


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