• some weeks ago, a discussion started around P3 RGB pixel panel
    Feedback by Gordon and by allObjects brought me to the idea to create a new device for pins.
    It should

    1. support 8 ports in parallel
    2. be a javascipt class
    3. replaces shiftOut and digitalWrite
    4. be faster than these functions
    5. supports general source and board optimized source

    In a first proof of concept, attached source came up to life. Gave it the name BytePort. It includes

    1. BytePort class
    2. init function to assign GPIOS and mode
    3. supports sending an array of bytes in parallel, with clock signal
    4. supports sending a byte in serial bits
    5. implementation for ESP32, btw. its preliminary, without DMA or some other fancy stuff
    6. and gets the job for LED P3 64x32 done in about 20msec

    Before spending more time on that, and may be running into a wrong direction, I would like to get feedback. Please see attached zip

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