• Sorry,
    there is a major change in BLE API.
    I'm still working on a solution for that.
    GATTC needs ble_addr_type which is not used in Espruino (at least AFAIK)
    According to esp-idf examples it appears in an GAP event (ESP_GAP_BLE_SCAN_RESULT_EVT)

    Definition is

    typedef enum {
        BLE_ADDR_TYPE_PUBLIC        = 0x00,
        BLE_ADDR_TYPE_RANDOM        = 0x01,
        BLE_ADDR_TYPE_RPA_PUBLIC    = 0x02,
        BLE_ADDR_TYPE_RPA_RANDOM    = 0x03,
    } esp_ble_addr_type_t;

    Any idea to understand this parameter would be big help


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