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  • @Robin, thanks for the encouragement) I have tried sending data as you offered with no effect. I feel that there is nothing left to try with the software part. Another reason why I was evading hardware fixes is that all my components are SMD, and transistors have the TO-236AB package. I have a soldering station with a hot air gun, so soldering these components on a factory-quality PCB is fairly easy. But I can hardly imagine how to make this "in-the-air" fix with SMD components. Resistors are SMD too, they are 0805. So here comes the tricky part.

    By the way, I have two separate lines of Neopixels. One of them is on B5 and another one on B6 port. There is no SPI on B6. I have seen, that latest Espruino version can setup SPI on every pin, but does it have enough speed to control the Neopixels?

    Here is how my whole project looks like. Just in case.


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