• Sun 2018.11.04

    Hi @user87761, interesting background and welcome to the world of Espruino. Although you specified 'I am just starting with js/html' and 'have been playing with the web ide' there isn't any indication of how much or how long, so forgive me if the following has already been discovered.

    Espruino's WebIDE does have the nice ability to enter code lines in the left hand console and receive immediate execution feedback. Quick and easy. Editing in the right hand code edit window has the syntax checker that gives immediate prompts for correction.

    For learning the basics of the Javascript language, I have to side with you that using the Developer Tools inside the Chrome browser is a faster way to comprehension. While DOM specific, getting a visual representation along with setting breakpoints and viewing a stack trace provides excellent feedback. Using the notepad++.exe editor has nice color highlighting in all languages.

    Your original post #1 demonstrates at least an intermediate usage of the web languages, but in case you haven't stumbled across this reference yet, is a great launching place for the language itself:


    and once you have most of that under your belt, giving the standards an occasional peak wouldn't hurt:



    BTW, is VS your preferred choice of code editor environments?


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