• I am emphasizing that I am writing to a brand new file, I’ve tried all three possible ways of uploading, including uploading via console, uploading via the Upload button, as well as uploading via the Espruino command line tool, there are no other ways to upload. I’ve even wrapped the above code in an anonomyous function and executed, even with a setTimout to allow ANY other running scripts to load.

    I think @Gordon should give his opinion. If he thinks This is developer error, I will gladly continue to debug. I’ve reached a point where the only thing left for me to do is post on the forum, which I will always hold out as long as possible to do. but I’ve reached a point where i’ve narrowed down the problem and provided a example script that demonstrates the issue consistently.

    If you feel like this is still developer error, please let me know, and I will forgo the above conversation and move to a different library. Again, thank you for your help.

    Also, the first device I began tinkering with was an Espruino board because I wanted to support @Gordon ‘s work, because I know how hard he’s worked on this.


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