• Ahh, yeah - in all the code examples on http://www.espruino.com/ESP8266 I leave the ESP8266WiFi_0v25 module as the default one so copy/paste type stuff should work. I'm open to pull requests that might make it more obvious though? I could just make ESP8266WiFi the new one, with `ESP8266WiFi_early as the handler for the old one.

    While I could do the Espruino WiFi unpopulated if I do a new batch, what different ESP8266 modules were you thinking you'd use? As I understand it all the ones that fit in that footprint are effectively the same.

  • That's correct, they are all the same because the layout / routing / RF constraints do not leave much open, except that some modules carry out the extra serial memory interface pins... like the ones on my Espruino-Wifi boards (but it is not connected). This ESP-07S does not expose this extra pins, as you can see in the pic showing the back.


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