• Seeedstudio's Air602 Wifi module - could that be a next candidate for an Espruino port?

    The Air602 is a 2.4G Wi-Fi module - https://www.seeedstudio.com/Air602-WiFi-­Module-p-3139.html - based on the embedded Wi-Fi SoC chip (W600) with a 12-pin Stamp Hole Expansion Interface. Miracly, it is even smaller than a stamp. It's only 12mm*10mm, small but complete, it offers a rich interface and complete functionality. This module support IEEE802.11b/g/n and Lua + AT command.

    The module has an M3 ARM processor - like the Original Espruino board - but from Winner Micro.

    Air602 has still to grow up... but it can skip 'the offs' AI Thinker made and go straight for the ESP8266 validated applications.

    A nice review with details on CNXSOFT – EMBEDDED SYSTEMS NEWS site.

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