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    All of this is why I do use LiFePo4 batteries after, as far as possible, any ldo.
    You just don't need them as the batteries will go down from 3.6 V to 3.1 V and charging, as I do it, is at 3.65 V max out of the circuit (removing it from the project and charging separately).
    This becomes very important when your main power consumption device is finally close to the ldo quiescent amperage...
    Now, some peripherals do have an ldo integrated, and it can be a problem as the LiFePo4 batteries wil dye at 3.1 V while the ldo will reduce its supplied voltage by 0.25 V easily. Not to talk about secondary batteries, poorly designed, which are consuming 13 mA almost permanently. Drones don't care much about nA while we do in this case!


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