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  • A LOT to take in... and I like very much the 2 as begin of version number.

    I'm a little curious about the behavior of these two items

    • Add extra ReferenceError checks, even if variable is not used
    • Now check for ReferenceErrors in global scope

    If the check stops execution before a check in the application for typeof == "undefined"code happens, some applications will have to change.

    As with all things software/firmware, I can see that more constraint platforms can get stuck on a maintenance version/branch rather the evolutionary one. Yes, it is to regret... but picking a too 'small' device shout be regretted more than put just too much work into retrofitting the 'past'.

    A statistics about module requests from by devices can help with the selection which devices have to switch such a maintenance version/branch. Getting to know how custom firmware builds are done by individual users and developers and how features can be removed/added beyond the already available options is still an option to bring such devices on per-application basis into the 'present'.


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