• Hi there !

    Thanks for all that :)

    Good to know for the L4 ( I bet the ST guys find Espruino very neat ;p )

    Understood ( for "on my own" on the other board ): so I'll have that kind of fun if trying to do so ;)

    For the 52840, I just checked the topic you linked to: this is pretty cool ( can't wait to test/help on that subject .. & get fully custom HID over USB/bluetooth :D ) !!

    For porting to other boards, I bet you're more than busy hence I'll rely on digging myself & the community to sort things out ;)

    On the build process / build changes / improving Espruino side of things, I wish I had a solution to this but aside from more people full time I have no clues on how to help that ( other than digging & helping myself when I can afford to do so :) ) :/

    On the "xbox360 passthrough" side of things, it seems the Teensy 3.6 offers usb host capability, so I'll try that as well as a tacky transistors+diodes setup ( just to see HOW it fails ;) )
    ( related post on dedicated forum: https://forum.pjrc.com/threads/54026-Tee­nsy-3-6-Xbox360-USB-Passthrough?p=189233­#post189233)

    I'll give back updates as I go :)
    Keep up the good work ++


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