• @Coder2012, very interesting and good to know. Actually I was looking for something like that for similar purposes, like driving multiple chains of RGB LED strings and RGB LED cubes:

    Gsap is designed for the browser as it transitions elements in the DOM but can also transition values on objects you create yourself, therefore you're not restricted to just DOM objects or the window object in the browser.

    May be taking gsap apart and use only the pieces that are needed, could be a starting point. From other experiences though I know that pretty quickly Espruino runs out of steam... and a minimum setup is more in the realm of recent model of Raspberry Pi, even though some stuff can be 'native-d down into Espruino guts' using compiled. Most likely, you will end up writing it natively and add it to the Espruino firmware with control-APIs for the JS side, like GPUs in an end point device have APIs exposed thru the Browser w/ JavaScript language binding (for feeding data and commands and ('source') code).


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