• It would be help full to explain what you want to achieve from a birds point of view.

    So when I first got the original Espruino I created animations for my LED lights using setInterval functions.

    The code quickly became verbose as I added more patterns. I experimented back then trying to use gsap but there wasn't enough memory.

    When I decided to look again and was amazed that the Espruino WiFi version was out with more memory I thought my idea could work out.

    Gsap is designed for the browser as it transitions elements in the DOM but can also transition values on objects you create yourself, therefore you're not restricted to just DOM objects or the window object in the browser.

    I've since looked at smaller libraries that could work as I want to interpolate between values to use on these lights, the power of a tween library is that it has various helper functions like repeat, reverse and yo-yo to aid with creativity.


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