• Sun 2018.10.14

    Thanks for the data posting. That confirms and nearly identical to the path I was on. The difference 'native' vs 'Chrome' flavor of IDE.

    From console output:

    re 'ERROR: getURL("https://www.espruino.com/modules/gsap.mi­n.js") error : Not Found'

    If you read #1 from the link I previously posted in #2, this is the normal sequence. Unfortunately no local path indication the IDE is searching for module fetch.

    Just to confirm, module 'gsap' is one you created? (as it isn't present at)


    If this is the case, sounds like the same issue I had. I would read over what I went through. The only suggestion I have (I'm an end user just like yourself) is to create a new folder (the sandbox) in the root of drive 'C'. Change the sandbox location (Settings >> Project) to match that folder. Then using the 'projects' button on the IDE, accept that default in order for the IDE to create it's own mappings. Then using Windows, go back and patch the code file and place the module file in the IDE created folders.


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