• @allObjects haha ^^, it seemed so ;P
    On the link you posted, nice Morse code logging ! ( although it was a little cryptic for me at first ;) )

    @Gordon I just had a look at the beast .. indeed, but so sad that it doesn't offer every pins it provides on connectors :/ For my current needs & considering the price I guess an STM32F4DISCOVERY 'd be a nice fit if fully supported by Espruino :)

    On the nRF side, I just saw these & they seem quite neat ;)

    Since I don't know at all the nRF platform, I currently can't be of any help on these :/
    But hey, if the stack doesn't change ( too much ? ) between the kit I have yet to try & the said one, I'll be glad to digg the subject & try things out ;)

    For the struct size stuff, I tried the following quick test ( on laptop since I don't know yet how to get logs .. using stg else than leds now ;p ) and the result is the expected 6 ..

    // gcc test.c -Wall -o test.a
    // nb: could the makefile used  set some padding ?
    [#include](http://forum.espruino.com/sea­rch/?q=%23include) <stdio.h>
    [#include](http://forum.espruino.com/sea­rch/?q=%23include) <stdint.h> /* to use uint16_t & cie */
    int main(void){
    //int main(int argc, char *argv[]){
      struct gamepadHID_t
        uint16_t buttons;
        //uint8_t buttons1;
        //uint8_t buttons2;
        int8_t left_x;
        int8_t left_y;
        int8_t right_x;
        int8_t right_y;
      struct gamepadHID_t gamepadHID;
      gamepadHID.buttons = 0b0000000000000000;
      //gamepadHID.buttons1 = 0b00000000;
      //gamepadHID.buttons2 = 0b00000000;
      gamepadHID.left_x = 0b00000000;
      gamepadHID.left_y = 0b00000000;
      gamepadHID.right_x = 0b00000000;
      gamepadHID.right_y = 0b00000000;
      // debug
      printf("struct size (unsigned long): %lu \n", sizeof(gamepadHID) );
      return 0;

    I'll try things out later today & report back :)

    & before I forget, I saw these links on some way to flash the HM-10 for custom HID stuff if I'm correct :)


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