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    'You can even access data stored in flat strings:'

    What is a 'flat string' and how is it different? Definition, documentation please?
    Is it just a contiguous block, null terminated? Is there a size limit?

    Skimmed over


    It appears that 'flat string' may be specific, as a quick search only uncovered one reference, other than Espruino.com

    'Flat strings and interned strings are always null-terminated,'

    Having issues with var addrsrc = E.getAddressOf(src,true);
    if(!addrsrc) throw new Error("Not a Flat String");

    irratically returning 'Not a flat string', loading same data each run.

    Working with

    var buffer = new ArrayBuffer(8);
    var n = new Uint8ClampedArray(buffer, 0, 4);

    and E.compiledC

    Is a flat string somehow related to Uint8ClampedArray
    Not mentioned however in


    Is flatAddress just a T/F flag and not the address of the variable? This implies that param should always be true, e.g. why would you supply 'false' if you are attempting to get the address of (E.getAddressOf) the variable supplied? Seems redundant.

    flatAddress - If a flat String or flat ArrayBuffer is supplied, return the address of the data inside it - otherwise 0

    I have a hunch that the size of the referenced address passed or returned is causing pointer (my code) offset errors.


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