• Ok, glad you got it working.

    Where was the tilde you mentioned? In the require statement? Espruino does only expect that you use individual filenames, not paths - so that could be the issue I guess.

    Uncaught Error: SD card must be setup with E.connectSDCard first
     at line 1 col 60

    This is coming from Espruino itself. By the look of the use of fs in the code dump, you're using the filesystem library for something in your code. Espruino's telling you quite rightly that if you want to use a FAT32 filesystem you need to connect an SD card.

  • Mon 2018.10.08

    'Where was the tilde you mentioned?'

    From #16

    'It is the 'tilde' that precedes the relative folder path that needs attention when selecting the folder for the sandbox.'

    The key "when selecting the folder for the sandbox"

    Settings >> Project >> Select Directory for Sandbox

    I drilled down until


    and the IDE modal window then displays the relative path in the edit field


    This is what Windows/WebIDE assigns, not user input.

    I'm now using


    and the sandbox functionality worked. But now have the nuisance of adding yet another folder to my list of backups, exactly opposite of what the 'Documents' folder concept was supposed to prevent. :-)

    'you're using the filesystem library for something in your code'

    That may be what the output is revealing, but it isn't what I was doing. If #15 is re-read, all I did was add the code file to the projects folder and the module to the modules folder. When I clicked on the 'Projects' button and selected the code file, upload, that error verbatim is revealed. That is why I indicated it was puzzling as it is nothing I intended or attempted. This laptop doesn't even have an SD card option.

    and, a fresh install IDE 0.70.4

    Wow Google is impressive. Found those source files in one search attempt, when I could only remember that I actually did create them, but when?

    What @allObjects created to test the module concept:

    #6 #9 at http://forum.espruino.com/conversations/­325318/ #6 and #9

    Those two short files used verbatim and caused the output as in #15 and ref #17 I used those as allObjects had created and tested.


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