• This is probably the same on other nRF52832 based devices. Currently I'm using the bluetooth web ide to talk to the RAK8212 module. That works fine. Where things go wrong is when I have code running that is talking to the BG96 and I disconnect from bluetooth. The code talking to the BG96 no longer seems to work. Similarly, when I save() the code and have it startup, things don't seem to work as they should. 'work' meaning the code seems to execute, but comms with the BG96 have been interrupted.
    Also what might be compounding the problem is that I have an analog input in use which is on port D28 (serial rxd) and there is a comment in the code that mentions a logic 1 on the rxd (D28) will cause the serial port to be re-routed to pins D28/29.

    I'm not fully understanding the logic as to where the console and Serial1 streams end up in the various use cases and if there's a simple solution to force the logic.


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