• Sat 2018.10.06

    Hello @user94635, I have limited experience with the ESP8266 but thought I'd pass along the following. I know how frustrating it may be at times and having at least someone acknowledge that their post was read makes the going a little more tolerable.

    Have you checked out these similar posts?


    Have you verified the baud rate both at the terminal end and the IDE under Settings >> Communication?

    May be a bit off putting, but have you tried an earlier version and what if any error appears?

    When I have encountered this error with the Pico, the only recovery was to disconnect the IDE, close the IDE then power down the device. Performing the reverse, then re-uploading code or in this case re-flashing may be the only option. Have been battling this for over a month now, although frequency is down to once every three days or so.

    Which IDE native, Chrome or Web and what version? As persuaded by staff have recently upgraded to native 0.70.4 and have my fingers crossed. Hasn't happened yet.

    What PC and OS is being used?


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