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  • ESP32 supports I2S in parallel mode.

    Sounds like rebirth of good-old 'Centronics' (printer) parallel interface... (IEEE 1284, 36 pins/wires) - just with more option then just nibble and byte... Interestingly on that interface was that slaves (printers) could be implemented without alu / processor... just plain timed TTL logic could do the job. Some early printers could not even interpret control characters, that's why there were so many extra lines to control line feed, page feed, etc. and in the beginning it was not bidirectional either and this added even more lines to provide signals such as out of paper. The pulse/clock stretch was done with 'delaying' the ack... even though it was 'parallel', in the 'bigger picture' it was kind-a async serial... great fun!


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