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  • @Gordon
    Gave it a try and came down to 25 hz instead of 14 hz. This is still too slow, at least for ESP32.
    Therefore I will go back to a special function outside the original Espruino code.
    I opened a github repository for special code about 2 years ago and will bring it back to life
    And maybe, I will spend some time on my makeFirmWare service, you never know

    My ideas to speed up shiftout are

    • split into 2 parts, first init and second shiftout data
    • + init could be done before the loop
    • + number of parameters for shifting is reduced
    • - init needs to be done before, and data has to be stored somewhere
    • instead of an sub array send start and length
    • use a memory address instead of iterate
    • + faster compared to iterate
    • - works for large arrays only (?)
    • one loop instead of jsvIterateCallback

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