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  • I wasn't aware of a compileC. Now that I know about it, I still doesn't find it in the documentation. If possible, a simple section about its existince would be nice.

    So far I have just tested your benchmark and it leaves me optimistic that I can speed up the processing without any additions to the Espruino firmware (like the proposed quadrature oscillator). This said, I think it would be a nice addition nonetheless as it doesn't cost too much and can be used for various purposes (at least I have used the code in some of my other projects heavily).

    Anyway, when trying to implement the whole thing, I ran into the problem that I needed to call sin() [cos isn't needed as it can be derrived from sin). However, it seems it isn't available by default and I don't know how to include a math library. I can still split the entire algorithm in a way that I could use Math.sin from JavaScript, but on the other hand I'm also interested in how it would work with compileC.

    Over the weekend I plan to complete the code and benchmark it against the existing code (also in term of memory usage). It could be interesting to see a real world benchmark.


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