• Hi there !
    ( btw: I just added a pull request for another example on using a PN532 to read RFID cards ;p )

    Thanks for the hint, but it didn't come from sending ( I do the following ):

    // ..
    this.btnState & 0xFF,      // Byte0
    (this.btnState>>8) & 0xFF,
    // ..

    It actually came from being tired & not doing the right bitwise operations ;)
    the following fixed it

    gamepad.btnState |= this.bValue; // to set stuff
    gamepad.btnState &=~ this.bValue; // to unset stuff

    For the STM32F stuff, I'll have to digg what you suggested & more ..

    (..) xbox 360 controller is a HID controller with the HID report descriptor removed and the device class, subclass, and protocol set to 0xFF (255)

    Moreover, if I read correctly, the "Xbox 360 Controller Security" is not yet broken ( while said to be reverse engineered on a per console basis ? https://oct0xor.github.io/2017/05/03/xsm­3/ ), so connecting to a console instead of a pc will be a harder than expected ..

    Anyway, as I'll have to port the current code, here's a "roadmap" to be applied to the Espruino/STM32F platform ( attached pdf file )

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