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  • 😍

    It compiles!

    When I upload the .hex file and run it on the chip, it doesn't seem to be showing up as a USB device, though it is connectable by BLE (even though it doesn't seem to advertise correctly). When I debug it in GDB, it seems to always stop inside jswrap_regexp routines, e.g.:

    (gdb) monitor reset
    (gdb) c
    target not halted
    target nrf52.cpu was not halted when resume was requested
    Program received signal SIGINT, Interrupt.
    matchfound (txtIt=<optimized out>, info=...) at src/jswrap_regexp.c:57
    57        jsvObjectSetChild(rmatch, "input", info.sourceStr);

    Not sure if this is something wrong with my setup or it indeed is busy parsing regular expressions all the time for some reason. I will keep investigating - any pointers are appreciated!


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