• Hi - I was on holiday last week, hence the lack of replies.

    While it's unlikely to be your problem, you'd want to remove integer= from your code, as that's not doing what you expect :)

    SPI.setup might be resetting pin states to their default values which would throw things off - you could try a slightly hacky method of just updating the software SPI values directly:

    var spi = new SPI();
    spi.setup({sck:B6, miso:A6, mosi:A7, mode:integer=0, order:'msb'});
    digitalWrite(SS, 0);
    d = spi.write(0b01000100);
    digitalWrite(SS, 1);

    Otherwise I'd say to just manually create the waveform using for loops and digitalWrite. Some kind of oscilloscope would probably really help you do see what's going on though.


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