• 404 is totally correct... it could not find it locally and so it looked remote, and there - espruino.com - it could find it. If local was emulated with something else that is not able to deliver a handful bytes within 250ms something else in the system setup is amiss.

    In some environments that are slow to connect, connecting first before hitting the upload button does the trick... even though upload can connect on demand... but the timeout then obviously hits... @Gordon mentioned more recent somewhere - if I'm remembering correctly - that (module?) upload(?) code is (was?) a bit iffy and would need (some) rewrite...

    IMHO: then having default folders with leading underscore is not only confusing in file structure to the end user, this forum machine also struggles. So why not eliminate it in future releases? (Unless of course Mac's use that convention)

    This is only because using the same set of terminals for different purposes... or mixing two langages - one content and the other rendering - that use the same set of symbols... to avoid people having to use real markup... in a plain-text editor (basics of (markup) language design / compiler/interpreter construction). So saving in one corner with a cheap markup is will make paying in a corner somewhere else...

    On the other hand, not only what's going on in this forum but also on all wiki pages and even in yaml files, it can work and is a great relieve over known constructs, such JSON, HTML, and even more so for the dead XHTML and the still vividly alive XML. XML (w/ schemas and other supporting mechanisms will not go away, because that is the ultimate solution to prevent misunderstandings / mixups, or in other words, be as clear and precise as possible to communicate what has to communicated).

    When entering the paths, I right away noticed that something was fishy and I doubted first myself that I missed the backslash... but that was quickly verified and resolved. Another reason why it is perfectly acceptable to use this simple, same symbols markup without reserved begin and end character, the forum already provides inline and in block escape - shift in a different rendering mode and shift out again - with beginning and ending tripple-back-ticks... the way we show and share /copy-paste to and from code blocks, where we for sure cannot accept character swallowing... (only one little problem: using this forum for python multi-line string... luckily, JavaScript picked the single back tick for that and is safe ;-)

  • Wed 2018.09.12

    re: '404 is totally correct... it could not find it locally and so it looked remote, and there - espruino.com - it could find it.'

    As I read the following:

    FIRMWARE: Current 1v99, Available 1v99
    Device found (connectionId=1)
    [success] Connected to port COM4
    >>> Connected to port COM4
    ERROR: Found module, but search took too long.
    Espruino.Core.Utils.getURL: got HTTP status code 404 for http://www.espruino.com/modules/testLED.­min.js

    Line 5 Is the request to load the module named 'testLED'
    Line 6 Is an error msg response indicating 'Found Module'
    Line 7 Is an Http 404 status code for the unfound minified file at espruino.com (which is accurate as I never placed it there)

    So, I disagree with the assessment the local file could not be found as the error log shows.

    For @Gordon

    'So what machine/OS are you actually using the Espruino IDE on?'

    The same as always, I only have one, a recent HP Notebook laptop running Windows 10


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