• Tue 2018.09.11

    Thank you @Wilberforce, the extra set of eyes helps. Along with the folder hierarchy confirmation.

    'the sequence of backslash have a special meaning'

    @allObjects, found that tidbit

    'Markdown provides backslash escapes for the following characters:'
    _ underscore

    IMHO: then having default folders with leading underscore is not only confusing in file structure to the end user, this forum machine also struggles. So why not eliminate it in future releases? (Unless of course Mac's use that convention)

    While pouring over many console logs over the last three days . . . .

    and, . . . this will explain it all . . . .

    Review line #5#6 of console output from #1 above.

    Go on, . . . I'll wait while you take a peek . . . .

    Got it? You did look didn't you? . . . go on scroll up, . . . I'll wait

    I said this would explain it. So here goes . . .

    Monty Python's Ministry of Module Retrieval Sketch

    John Cleese as barister - flowing robe and wig
    Eric Idle as madame - long dress with clutch purse

    okay, let me get the accent right . . .

    lights, camera, and . . . action

    JC: How may I help you madame?
    EI: Have you found my missing module?

    JC: Yes, yes we have.
    EI: Well, where is it then?

    JC: We've run into a bit of a snafu, you see . . .
    EI: Well you did find my module, . . . didn't you?
    JC: Precisely. [elbows down, hands raised, thumbs inside robe - stirn tone]

    EI: Well, where is it?
    JC: Where is what?
    EI: My module!!

    JC: You see madame, it took a bit longer than expected, 250msec to be exact!!
    EI: So??

    JC: We don't handle that. [long dramatic pause]

    EI: What, you don't handle bringing me, my module you found?
    JC: Exactly, . . . You see, we only locate what you seek. On top of that, it took just a teensy-weensy bit too long. [pause]
    You need to contact the Ministry of Module Retrieval, . . . this is the Ministry of Module Location!

    run laughter track

    curtains close, Liberty Bell music sounds in background . . . and cut! That's a wrap!!

    So, surprisingly we all missed it! While looking for folder mapping concerns, the answer was there right in front of us.


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