• Mon 2018.09.10

    @allObjects, I verified the placement of the \modules folder and that your testLED.js file was there.

    Install defaults for sandbox location:


    Note: That this forum post page omits the backslash before the '_sbx' folder and in 'projects' folder below - it's there in both places, just checked

    As per the Modules page ref #1 above, There is also a child modules folder


    and yes, placed a copy of the file there also.

    The install defaults for Settings >> Communication:


    backslash is before '_sbx' also

    I have administrator rights set for the access control, so that shouldn't be an issue
    Avast for antivirus
    Hardwired modem

    Gordon indicated he was on Holiday this week so, we'll wait to see whether the config can be dumped before I tackle more.


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