• @Robin, that second folder could come from once using the project folder in the already existing sandbox folder again as sandbox folder in Espruino IDE settings... or when saving your code, application or module,... (this comes from some convenience that folders get created when not present... without telling the user... but thats a different ball game). I doubt that there is a difference in the IDE in that respect.

    PS: I notice you using _sbx as sandbox folder... did I publish or suggest somewhere that I do so? If you found two overlapping hierarchies there, I should go and fix that to not mislead...

    The sandbox folder structure (on my system, crated a while ago, 2 years?) is as follows:

    • .../_sbx - sandbox root folder
    • .../_sbx/binary
    • .../_sbx/firmware
    • .../_sbx/modules
    • .../_sbx/projects
    • .../_sbx/snippets
    • .../_sbx/testing
    • .../_sbx/testinglog

    To make .../_sbx folder the Espruino IDE sandbox, just enter .../_sbx in the SETTINGS - PROJECT.

    No change of SETTINGS - COMMUNICATION. The modules are found in precedence as described in espruino.com/Writing+Modules.

    IDE knows into which folder it saved the last time... I do not know about the reinstall/update, what this does... I would not expect that it takes into account where and what it saved the last time and use it for sandbox default... which would create that mess....


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