• I'm on holiday this week so only quickly glanced at this, but the error shows the line exports = testUR; - which isn't actually in the code you pasted up. The initial code you actually pasted up looks fine.

    In this case testUR doesn't exist in the scope you're referencing, because you defined it in testLED's prototype. exports = testLED is absolutely fine, and that's what's done in the code you showed.

    So... I'm not sure what's going on here - in this case (and in previous posts) you've shown code that's been running on your device that you don't think you've uploaded.

    I guess it's possible you've been flipping between upload styles (save on send, or normal) and have two copies of your code in there? Can you try running reset(true) on the left-hand side of the IDE, just to clean out any other code? And can you scroll right down in the editor on the right and check that you don't have any code that's just offscreen that is causing the error?

  • Sun 2018.09.09

    re:'you've shown code that's been running on your device that you don't think you've uploaded.'

    Not sure what you mean here: 'don't think you've uploaded' after send, I check the left-hand console for ack. Sometimes the errors are there, then coding progress ceases. If I can get a successful send, I keep going.

    or, did you mean the reference to when the green progress bar never completes and the IDE freezes, forcing a close re-launch? In that case I know it hasn't uploaded and I'm forced to power down the Pico as well, memory clears, so that Windows can remove and recognize the Com Port on IDE launch.

    re: 'which isn't actually in the code you pasted up'

    That is the error I see with the code I posted. Per suggestion, I started with a larger file and kept paring until the least possible amount of code that still caused the error remained.

    re: 'you've been flipping between upload styles'
    re: 'Can you try running reset(true) on the left-hand side'

    No, I'm not and haven't made any changes to settings. It has the defaults from the install.

    I'm making every attempt not to introduce any other activity that could get in the way.

    EVERY time I, reset(1), load file if needed, block copy code into the right-hand side editor, edit until syntax checker agrees, then send. Look for Ack.
    I'm making sure of that process in an attempt to locate an offending line(s)

    I'll try reset(true) against reset(1)

    Could the Ctrl+C Ctrl+V process be introducing garbage chars? In addition, I'm now attempting using notepad.exe and notepad++.exe to see if the editors use a different mechanism. When I block highlight Ctrl+C code in the right-hand editor, could garbage chars be copied to the clipboard? Could the clipboard retain garbage chars?


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