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  • Hi @Robin, I seriously doubt this is related - as I said in a previous post your issues were related to uploading on an STM32F4 over USB. This is Bluetooth LE.

    @jijidad, how did you manage to get the board info you posted up if the IDE has never managed to connect correctly? Or does it manage eventually?

    If it's because you haven't actually restarted the Web IDE since it stopped working, please can you give that a go? Make sure you save any code in the right-hand side :) I think the 0.69.1 IDE could get itself into a state where connections failed the way you're seeing - but a restart would fix it, and I also updated it very recently so if you're using the app, on restart you should hopefully see a version 0.70.3

    What you did (with the very long press at boot) should have worked fine to clear everything out.

    How are you actually powering the MDBT42? When I've had issues like that (being able to see the Bluetooth device, but not even connect with nRF Connect) it's actually been because the battery has been extremely flat. Basically it provided enough power for it to boot, but when connecting the battery can't supply enough power to keep it going and it stops working.


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