• Ok, I just stuck a Pixl on Nordic's power profiler, which seems to do a pretty good job. It definitely doesn't appear to have ranging issues, and it can average power consumption over a 7 second period (although readings do vary over time by maybe 5%).

    I did NRF.setConnectionInterval(200) which forces the device into 200ms connection interval, so I can stay connected while using about the same amount of power as when advertising (maybe just a smidge more).

    • Normal power consumption: 216uA
    • lcd_standby(0) - 66uA
    • lcd_standby(1) - back to normal, 216uA
    • lcd_sleep() - 65uA
    • LCD physically unplugged - ~60uA

    So it looks to me like the deep sleep doesn't really save you much over normal sleep at all, unless I'm missing something.

    Anyway, this is really good news - looks like Pixl.setLCDPower will do a pretty good job without even having to re-send the LCD contents.

    (on an unrelated note, I added a temperature alarm to my freezer. It turns out the DS18B20 temp sensors use about 4x more power than the whole Pixl if you leave them on!)


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