• I am limited by the Idd functionnality integrated in the 32l476discovery board which is, interestingly, a kind of self ranging ampmeter limited to 50nA - 50 mA at a rather slow rate (1-3 Hz)...
    It has already proven to be too averaging to be satisfying in short bursts of power and not replacing correctly an oscilloscope.

    About the deep sleep, I didn't cared to add the g.setRotate and g.flip(true) but it does work functionally!

    My motivation was to increase the 17 days of autonomy, with a no-name coin cell, by switching off the lcd on a time of day base!

    That brings me to some need about an RTC function surviving to resets and code uploads: The IDE offers the time and date automatic setup at code upload but that doesn't survive a reset() which is "illogical" as time never-ever flows back :)


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