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  • Yeah I considered adding animations to the randomizer function. It's just flair really so not worth the effort right now, but I'm going to make it so I can connect a cable to the prototype so if I want to mess with the code I can.

    There's not really any value to adding a screen as the game keeps track of all the stuff itself, but if we really wanted to go crazy at some point you could load a thing that keeps track of the expansions so you can manually select/deselect them (or random decks) and make it fully customizeable.

    I thought about making it sellable at some point (have to make one first), but I've kinda missed the boat. The game peaked years ago, so its more of a niche thing, mainly for myself, because card storage and selection is REALLY inefficient as a whole and takes up about 25% of playtime I would say.


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