• Thanks for the suggestions Gordon. I ran the which mode line above and nothing seemed to change. I then ran sudo hcitool lescan and got the following:

    pi@EspruinoHub:~ $ sudo hcitool lescan
    LE Scan ...
    3F:4E:22:64:AE:A0 (unknown)
    09:EA:10:86:4C:DA (unknown)
    CF:8B:E0:99:E5:B9 Puck.js e5b9
    CF:8B:E0:99:E5:B9 (unknown)
    C3:C9:01:13:06:CD (unknown)
    C3:C9:01:13:06:CD Charge 2
    53:45:03:DC:09:3C (unknown)
    53:45:03:DC:09:3C (unknown)

    So at least it is seeing the Puck.js...right?


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