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  • Glad it's working - although now I think you could safely remove that resistor if you wanted. Your first diagram was definitely correct.

    All I can think is that your 4xAA wasn't outputting the 5.3v you thought... If you had 4 fresh AA then you'd expect 6v - and the Pico probably wouldn't be able to supply a high enough voltage for the data input of the LEDs (it tops out at 5v)... Also the LEDs are only meant for a 5.3v max input, so you could risk some damage to those as well.

    NOTE: when developing - being connected to the IDE over USB - have Espruino's BatIn DISCONNECTED from you external 5V supply.

    It should be fine to have BatIn connected to a battery while on USB with the Pico. It's different with the Espruino WiFi though as there's no BatIn pin.


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