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  • Hi folks, I just got my hands on this very low-cost module and now eagerly awaiting some sweet breakout PCB's from Oshpark. Initially was going to tinker around with this and Arduino but decided to look into Espruino!

    I am relatively new in electronics and would like some direction. My assumption is that other than physical layout, the process of flashing espruino on this board would be similar to the official MDBT42Q boards?

    pin P.00/XL1 is not listed on the module (E73-2G4M04S-52832) official website, and there are pins labeled DEC2, DEC3 that aren't listed on MDBT42Q , are these pins the same pins but labeled differently? How could I replicate the function of this pin on a E73-2G4M04S module?

    Official page:­ews.aspx?id=243
    Datasheet (PDF):­d=243

    Thank you!


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