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  • ...JS is NOT my favorite[...] What I can see is that for someone with no prior [JS] knowledge it is relatively easy to pick up as it is fairly compact. For someone from an OO background its a more difficult switch.

    ...oops - or - OOPSLA/ECOOP - SIGPLAN... ok, my favorite is BD or ME... but I'd not like to explain (those or myself). Any language I can express myself in and makes my vis-a-vis to get me, is my favorite (for communication) - and of course, fluency (and walking the mile in my vis-a-vis shoes) is on me. All the rest is the pic(ture) in my head - and (unfortunately), when that pic is messed up, no language ever solved it for me.

    When it comes to JS, I'm not thinking flow or structured - from flow or structured languages - but OO and Lambda - and that's the (language) pic(k) in my head (hence my screen name). In the end, hybrid is what the world is made of for me - and sometimes a elaborate concepts and their tool are just plain overkill. Under the gun of limited resources - space AND cycles - JS has for me in an optimized way what I need and Espruino HW gets me... most of the time. After all, JS is the language @Gordon made for and taught his babies - I don't mean the real one(s)... I have a sone named Pascal, but that did't help much: he skipped that part, which was my 1st love... ;-)

    I know that green thumbs help with gardening, but I don't what kind of color thumbs help with programming MCs. Something is for sure: when TS will blow my way, I know where and from whom I can get professional help.

    If you still find some time, take a (reading) look at Man a Machine


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