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  • It seems my reply was a bit late, but:

    why is there no wired option for the Pixl ?

    It's a frustrating combination of power usage, cost, and not enough pins on the microcontroller. However if you have a USB-TTL dongle handy it's just 4 wires away

    copy and paste - and invisible whitespace characters

    The IDE itself should strip those out when you paste into it (especially on the right-hand side). The other issues you're having are I think a symptom of what's described above.

    The 'Level 0' setInterval() thing

    That shouldn't be an issue at all - it's actually the code that comes before it...

    I'm just surprised and frustrated the upload mechanism is so fundamentally flawed.

    If you turn on Save on send in settings I think you'll find it'll do what you expect, but there are some trade-offs.

    It's just a bit unfortunate really as the vast majority of things you'd upload would work just fine - it's just the DS18B20/OneWire stuff pauses for some time when it is called.


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