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  • Thanks allObjects

    I will try moving my code into onInit() and restarting the board after each upload - although that seems like the bad old days.

    If OTA is so flaky - why is there no wired option for the Pixl ? - rhetorical question don't worry.
    My Pixl is 20cms from my laptop - and actually powered from in over a USB cable.

    I can see how it should work - and if it did - it would be a thing of beauty - But I have stumbled on some really silly fundamental problems.

    I understand about copy and paste - and invisible whitespace characters - (carriage returns, line feeds etc).. that caught me out early on but I have enough experience to spot it.

    The 'Level 0' setInterval() thing - I will need to read up on - I took setInterval() to be the primary mechanism for running asynchronous code - I'm just surprised and frustrated the upload mechanism is so fundamentally flawed.

    Again thanks for your reply



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